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5 Steps to THE Most Productive Morning. Ever.

· 5 ways to the BEST morning ·

Alarm Ring. Good Morning. Hello. Wake up. Get up. GET UP. fucccckkkkk. ok I’m up. You know that feeling when your alarm clock goes off and your brain is instantly filled with every single excuse in the history to hit snooze. No like really, you suddenly remembered you jammed your pinkie in 5th grade and haven’t…

The “What-If” Game.

· Change your life using these 2 simple words. ·

Have you ever done something you knew you were more than likely to not complete. A fad? A craze? A detox diet? A kick-ass workout routine? Or even buying a gym membership and knowing it’s not going to last. Like you quit before you even really started…or you started, knowing you were going to quit….