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The Girl Who Never Gave Up

· Why you should follow your freaking dreams. ·

Inspirational females. Who comes to mind for you? When I thought of the idea to write an inspirational post to magnify and empower hard working women, there was only one person in mind. She truly encompasses what it means to be a hard working, get your knees dirty, passionate, compassionate, won’t stop for anything, mentor,…

5 Steps to THE Most Productive Morning. Ever.

· 5 ways to the BEST morning ·

Alarm Ring. Good Morning. Hello. Wake up. Get up. GET UP. fucccckkkkk. ok I’m up. You know that feeling when your alarm clock goes off and your brain is instantly filled with every single excuse in the history to hit snooze. No like really, you suddenly remembered you jammed your pinkie in 5th grade and haven’t…

Worst, Best Mom…ever

· How to be the worst mom ever, and love it. ·

It’s so sadly true. I am the world’s worst greatest mom. No, really I am. I’m contemplating, and by contemplating I mean heavily entertaining the idea of not having a 1st birthday party for my youngest daughter.(GASPS) For two reasons:   1.) The amount of effort it takes to pull off a decent first birthday…