How Stitchfix Saves me Time and Money

So personal.

I have a problem. Clothes. It’s sooooo bad you guys! You know those mornings when you’re running late and suddenly your entire wardrobe literally turns against you. It is that moment when you put on your go-to shirt because you’re in a rush and for some reason it seems to have suddenly shrunk to a size ‘I remember when I was 4’ and your elastic waist line has decided to latch on to every ounce of love handle you ever worked off or ‘passed on the scone’ for. So, you go to the next reasonable option which is – fuck it. Try on every other item of clothing you own and haven’t worn or even considered wearing since the 9th grade – thinking for some reason something from 1999 will have you feeling like Gweneth Paltrow. Don’t forget you’re in a hurry. 


So what do you do? Well duh, the next step is, you then begin to throw every meany-head piece of clothing you’ve managed to get in and out of in the last 20 minutes, on the floor. That is what you do and next thing you know, you did it. You officially demolished your bedroom…. But in a hurry, gotta’ run.

And now…crap-o-la, you are pretty much death-sentenced to the next 3 weekends of sifting through clothes you’ll never wear again. The other logical way out is – go to Target or Forever 21, revamp your closet. Okay you guys, If you went this route (haha, it’s like a choose your own destination) it only means you now have more clothes you have to hang up in your closet. Which then means, you will only have more clothes on your floor come the next late, frumpy feeling, kind of day. Annnndddd If you’re like me, that’s nearly every day. Hence why my floor looks like a mosaic master piece of well, clothing.

Unveiling the Fix


This my friends, is why I started Stitch Fix. I recently took to Stitch Fix in an odd attempt to save money. Here’s the deal, my desperate clothing runs were costing me close to $300 dollars a piece. Because I didn’t feel like I had anything or I would be bored of the clothes I just bought and I would go buy some more. It was kind of becoming a vicious cycle.


Stitch Fix is a company that personally styles you and sends you clothes, shoes, and accessories from very specific details you give when setting up your account. You can pick down to favorite colors, patterns, fits, styles, prices, fabric and so much more. Stitch Fix is unique because it caters to all genders and body types, they even have maternity for all my cute pregnant women out there. You can then customize the frequency of your package once a week, month, bi-monthly or others. I chose monthly and then decided I would frequent twice a month.

The beauty of this system is that you don’t have to keep every item that comes with your Stitch Fix. If you only like the shoes and the pants great. Or perhaps you’re on a budget that month. Or maybe you just received a similar blouse as a gift and don’t need it, just ship it back (the shipping label and package is in the box ready for you) within 3 days and they refund you for all the things you didn’t need/want.


The thing Stitch Fix did for me is; in your Fix you will find a very personalized letter from your stylist saying what they’re still working on finding as well as a layout of outfit options for your items. I found I came to value the items just a little bit more because they were picked out by my very own ‘stylist’ for me. This is something that adds a little extra value to the clothes and a step that obviously causes me not only anxiety but a health hazard for a bedroom. I also like the fact that I can kind of pick and chose which things I really like and what I don’t. This saves me money because I have an allotted amount of clothes to pick from and to feel like my closet got a tiny face lift instead of the 10.7 million items of clothing at Forever21 and my closets face being sprung back and looking like Janice Dickenson. Also, I know when I am in my slump that I have one coming soon, this completely erased the temptation for my typical clothing runs.

Shoes to boot.

I can also tell you, as a working Momma this has been a life savor when it comes to creating and having outfits to wear on the fly. I encourage you to try it, just try! You can always return the items or heck even quit getting packages. I always am looking forward to my package. My floor is still a mess though.  Help.

Please share your experience or what you love about Stitch Fix below in the comments. Thanks for reading friends!


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Instax Fujifilm. Why you need one. 

Me and my twin and mom

I love capturing moments. I love spending time with my family. Even more, I am next in line for the most impatient human ever to exist on earth. I am going to share with you guys some of the reasons I am having a love affair with my Instax Mini and well, why you should go get one. Like yesterday.

1.) Tangibility

Excuse me, but why in the tits do we take pictures in the first place? To scroll through our phones to 3 months ago in a blob of 50 extras of the same exact photo? NO. We take pictures so we can have a physical object to keep, have, look at, talk about, hold onto, display. The Instax gets you a picture you will have forever, no digital files floating in outer space, no scrolling, no oops I deleted it, no and nope. That is probably my biggest reason why I think you should go run to Target in your bathrobe and go get one. It gives a sense of immediacy and proficiency that is as nearly as satisfying as sticking your finger in wax, letting it cool, and then peeling it off.

2.) Size, it matters. 

First and foremost, I love the compactness. I love being able to throw it in my purse, set it on the table at parties, diaper bag stashing, you name it and it’s not in the way nor intimidating. It just fits so nicely for any occasion. I can take it with me when we run to the park, I can keep it in my glovebox for trips or hikes up the mountain. The kids can take it to their friend’s house. The pictures and film are small as well so they are fun to put in your wallet, on design boards, the fridge, at work. It’s compactness all around is just so, cute.

3.) Nostalgic Friendly

This isn’t an intimidating piece of machinery perhaps like a juicer. Anyone can figure out how to use it. I love the nostalgia behind the Instax. It is incredible retro and comes in many different colors. Grandparents love it, parents, and the kids. There is something so satisfying about using something that produces a moment to last for eternity instantly. I love that my kids know what a polaroid is. It is so cute and has a retro design that makes it equally as enticing and fun to lug around. I am a teacher and I take pictures of my students on the first day of school with it, the kids are always in total awe when the picture comes out and tell them to wait and keep an eye out for a picture to show up. I love sharing that with them.

love these moments

My favorite way to use it, when my daughter turned 5 we bought one for her birthday. Just for fun, well it has turned into a birthday tradition for our family. Every birthday we whip out the Instax and film. Which can be spendy, but trust me, totally worth it. Before the birthday party begins we get polaroids out from the previous years and display them.

Please, share below all the incredible ways you love and use your Instax!

3 of the Easiest and Best Ways to help a Hangover 

I remember being in college and literally being able to drink a half gallon of Monarch with my 100 pound roommate in a weekend and then wake up go to the gym, go to class, and do it all over again. For 4 years, I’m still unsure if the that repulses me, or makes me proud. 

So here’s the thing. I still like to enjoy a few sometimes several, adult beverages on the weekends with my gal-pals. Here’s the other thing. I am getting old. I have two kids under 5. I still drink and beginning to master the art of being hungover after two miniature glasses of wine. 

That headache, puffy eyes, the tiredness, the acheiness, the stuffiness. You name it. A hangover. I’ve had it. But I think I’ve come up with some things that will help you, survive. 


You have a hang over because you need this one thing. Water. Drink at least 64 ounces throughout the next 4 hours. You have to get it back in your system. You have to balance your bodies water levels back. 90% of headaches are caused from dehydration. I seem to crave carbonation when I’m hung over. Drink sparkling water. Throw a lemon into the mix. Lemon is a great detoxing agent.

2. GET BALANCED…repeat

Eat a balanced meal. You can’t just go to McDonald’s and down a Big Mac and fries and expect that’s what your body needs. You’ll have a crappy food hang over on top of a great time last night hangover. You need balance back into your body. You just poisoned yourself. Fruit is full of antioxidants. Veggies are full of vitamins. And carbohydrates are full of well, carbs. But you need carbs, if anything at least for comfort. But really do it in balance. 

3. Oxygen

Get cho-ass outside. Oxygen is such a healing component to our bodies. We need oxygen and while yes we get it on from sitting on the couch while we binge watch FRIENDS, it is not the kind of H2O I’m talking about. Get out side and breath fresh air, a walk, read a book in the grass, take the kids to the park, walk the dogs, do something where you’re breathing in big deep lungs full of fresh air, get that oxygen. 

Anyway, I’m off to nurse this hammer head hangover from my sister-in-law’s birthday last night. Happy Sunday!