The Girl Who Never Gave Up

Indie Hair Society Drying Lounge

Inspirational females. Who comes to mind for you? When I thought of the idea to write an inspirational post to magnify and empower hard working women, there was only one person in mind. She truly encompasses what it means to be a hard working, get your knees dirty, passionate, compassionate, won’t stop for anything, mentor, humanitarian, badass and well, a home grown girly-girl.

Amy is the owner, creator, inventor and hair-stylist extraordinaire of Indie Hair Society located in downtown Everett, Wa. She is beautiful, creative, and someone we should all strive to be like. Amy is currently anticipating the arrival of her beautiful baby girl, who is so entirely lucky to have such an inspirational mother to look up to. So lucky. 


When I first reached out for Amy’s services years ago, it was to see if Amy would do my hair due to severe hair envy of my dearest gal pal who also went to Amy. Her work was awesome to a stranger’s eye.  I was equally convinced she would be able to have me looking, feeling, and a styled wardrobe identical to Jillian Hough’s. She is that good. 

I soon had my very first appointment and anxiously drove up to this tiny red barn, or was it a mobile home? Actually, to this day, I am still not quite sure what kind of building it was. It stood behind the rural town’s local gas station. Attached to the red bus-like building was a run down barber shop.  Despite the ragged outward appearance, I walked into the salon. The door was open and there was Amy who greeted me with a hug. Inside the salon it was surprisingly chic, welcoming and quaint on the inside. With the never wavering feeling of love in the air. 

Throughout the next few  (counseling sessions, free of charge) hair appointments Amy and I spoke, laughed, and cried. I got to really get to know Amy and I grew to see something inside of her. I heard of her dreams and passions to own her own salon. Over the course of time I watched her dreams come true. All due to genuine hard work and well, passion. 

She finally found a brilliant space in the city. She had a vision that would scare the shit out of most of us. But not Amy, she took every step and embraced it. She took every new team member and hire and mentored them. She took the negatives and turned them positive. She took her dream and literally made it come to life. I want to honor and bring light to this incredible feat. The feeling of this dream and place is like tasting the best homemade meal that someone made with love. The air and energy and culture of Indie Hair Society is made from all the ingredients needed for success and fulfilment. 


Amy’s hustle attitude is not to be mistaken by her insane gift of sincerity and kindness. When you walk through the doors into Amy’s world you feel her kind energy and passionate spirit. That is proven by no matter where her salon may be, a red barn or Rockefeller, you feel at home and you feel valued. Down to the littlest of details, decor, and the Keurig machine, you can’t help but to feel worth something when you’re in Amy’s care. 

Coffee anyone?

Indie Hair Society has evolved into something more than a business. It is a symbol and inspiration to so many women like Amy, that you can truly do anything you want to do. She is living her dream not without the hard and long days. But, the hard times and set-backs are all falling into place for Amy


Indie Hair Society is filled with incredibly talented men and women who contribute to the success of Amy’s growing dream and living out their own alongside of her. I encourage you to all go visit Amy and her team at Indie. If not for a truly amazing glam squad experience, but at the least, a whole lot of inspiration and encouragement from a girl who knows what it takes.

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