Dream Lake House Decor

Tucked away in a tiny town, on a tiny lake, lies a tiny cabin, kept by a tiny woman. My Momma! Down to the littlest of details her creativity thrives. Her attention to detail makes the experience as if it were an art walk. The newly renovated and decorated space is too cute not to share. So gobble it up!


The lively and true floral decor scattered throughout the bright white kitchen lends itself to an instantaneous and energetic space. The rustic country town scene calibrated with a white chic simplicity, makes it’s vibe modern yet a reminiscent kind of cozy.

Sea themed dishes and pots are meticulously placed throughout giving a unique and nautical feel to the chic woodsy cabin. There is something classic about the open space with it’s minimalistic rooms and extra little detailed decor.

Bar Bar

Sweet Dreams

This is slightly a dream home and something I will probably work my butt of always for and never have. But I love getting to share it with you and perhaps inspire a little. Thanks for reading and until next time!



Fish and Floral

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