The Girl Who Never Gave Up

Indie Hair Society Drying Lounge

Inspirational females. Who comes to mind for you? When I thought of the idea to write an inspirational post to magnify and empower hard working women, there was only one person in mind. She truly encompasses what it means to be a hard working, get your knees dirty, passionate, compassionate, won’t stop for anything, mentor, humanitarian, badass and well, a home grown girly-girl.

Amy is the owner, creator, inventor and hair-stylist extraordinaire of Indie Hair Society located in downtown Everett, Wa. She is beautiful, creative, and someone we should all strive to be like. Amy is currently anticipating the arrival of her beautiful baby girl, who is so entirely lucky to have such an inspirational mother to look up to. So lucky. 


When I first reached out for Amy’s services years ago, it was to see if Amy would do my hair due to severe hair envy of my dearest gal pal who also went to Amy. Her work was awesome to a stranger’s eye.  I was equally convinced she would be able to have me looking, feeling, and a styled wardrobe identical to Jillian Hough’s. She is that good. 

I soon had my very first appointment and anxiously drove up to this tiny red barn, or was it a mobile home? Actually, to this day, I am still not quite sure what kind of building it was. It stood behind the rural town’s local gas station. Attached to the red bus-like building was a run down barber shop.  Despite the ragged outward appearance, I walked into the salon. The door was open and there was Amy who greeted me with a hug. Inside the salon it was surprisingly chic, welcoming and quaint on the inside. With the never wavering feeling of love in the air. 

Throughout the next few  (counseling sessions, free of charge) hair appointments Amy and I spoke, laughed, and cried. I got to really get to know Amy and I grew to see something inside of her. I heard of her dreams and passions to own her own salon. Over the course of time I watched her dreams come true. All due to genuine hard work and well, passion. 

She finally found a brilliant space in the city. She had a vision that would scare the shit out of most of us. But not Amy, she took every step and embraced it. She took every new team member and hire and mentored them. She took the negatives and turned them positive. She took her dream and literally made it come to life. I want to honor and bring light to this incredible feat. The feeling of this dream and place is like tasting the best homemade meal that someone made with love. The air and energy and culture of Indie Hair Society is made from all the ingredients needed for success and fulfilment. 


Amy’s hustle attitude is not to be mistaken by her insane gift of sincerity and kindness. When you walk through the doors into Amy’s world you feel her kind energy and passionate spirit. That is proven by no matter where her salon may be, a red barn or Rockefeller, you feel at home and you feel valued. Down to the littlest of details, decor, and the Keurig machine, you can’t help but to feel worth something when you’re in Amy’s care. 

Coffee anyone?

Indie Hair Society has evolved into something more than a business. It is a symbol and inspiration to so many women like Amy, that you can truly do anything you want to do. She is living her dream not without the hard and long days. But, the hard times and set-backs are all falling into place for Amy


Indie Hair Society is filled with incredibly talented men and women who contribute to the success of Amy’s growing dream and living out their own alongside of her. I encourage you to all go visit Amy and her team at Indie. If not for a truly amazing glam squad experience, but at the least, a whole lot of inspiration and encouragement from a girl who knows what it takes.

Get to know, follow, contact, book, and more at Indie Hair Instagram.

Instax Fujifilm. Why you need one. 

Me and my twin and mom

I love capturing moments. I love spending time with my family. Even more, I am next in line for the most impatient human ever to exist on earth. I am going to share with you guys some of the reasons I am having a love affair with my Instax Mini and well, why you should go get one. Like yesterday.

1.) Tangibility

Excuse me, but why in the tits do we take pictures in the first place? To scroll through our phones to 3 months ago in a blob of 50 extras of the same exact photo? NO. We take pictures so we can have a physical object to keep, have, look at, talk about, hold onto, display. The Instax gets you a picture you will have forever, no digital files floating in outer space, no scrolling, no oops I deleted it, no and nope. That is probably my biggest reason why I think you should go run to Target in your bathrobe and go get one. It gives a sense of immediacy and proficiency that is as nearly as satisfying as sticking your finger in wax, letting it cool, and then peeling it off.

2.) Size, it matters. 

First and foremost, I love the compactness. I love being able to throw it in my purse, set it on the table at parties, diaper bag stashing, you name it and it’s not in the way nor intimidating. It just fits so nicely for any occasion. I can take it with me when we run to the park, I can keep it in my glovebox for trips or hikes up the mountain. The kids can take it to their friend’s house. The pictures and film are small as well so they are fun to put in your wallet, on design boards, the fridge, at work. It’s compactness all around is just so, cute.

3.) Nostalgic Friendly

This isn’t an intimidating piece of machinery perhaps like a juicer. Anyone can figure out how to use it. I love the nostalgia behind the Instax. It is incredible retro and comes in many different colors. Grandparents love it, parents, and the kids. There is something so satisfying about using something that produces a moment to last for eternity instantly. I love that my kids know what a polaroid is. It is so cute and has a retro design that makes it equally as enticing and fun to lug around. I am a teacher and I take pictures of my students on the first day of school with it, the kids are always in total awe when the picture comes out and tell them to wait and keep an eye out for a picture to show up. I love sharing that with them.

love these moments

My favorite way to use it, when my daughter turned 5 we bought one for her birthday. Just for fun, well it has turned into a birthday tradition for our family. Every birthday we whip out the Instax and film. Which can be spendy, but trust me, totally worth it. Before the birthday party begins we get polaroids out from the previous years and display them.

Please, share below all the incredible ways you love and use your Instax!

5 Tips and Tricks to Fix Emotional Anxiety

Let me start by reassuring you, I am a self-diagnosed emotional mess. When I was 5 my mom took my to the Dr. because I essentially cried too much and in odd situations. (Like birthday parties, attention, getting in trouble, loud noises, yelling, other people crying, embarrassment, sad movies, happy movies, not being understood….how about, you name it) The Dr. reassured her this was a common side effect of very empathetic and compassionate people. What he did not do, was give her nor I any coping tools with the issues to come as I got older.

Let me share a quick story to see if this will help you understand my level of emotional wreck-ness.

My daughter goes to day care, she got a new Leap Frog Epic and she had been bringing it for a few days and I thought we should probably ask and see if this is something they allow at day care. So the next day I walk in and she has it in her hands and I ask “This whole tablet thing is your guys’ call. Please feel free to let us know if this is something you don’t want her bringing.” Well they were both quick to tell me “This is NOT something we allow and it causes other kids to want to bring things from home”. I went into my number 1 and biggest defense mechanism, I’M SO SORRY. The pathetically apologizing over and over again. This is something I will do even if YOU bumped into me in line at the grocery store. Then get this, as I am saying sorry for the 60th time, I start feeling that stiffening in my throat and my head starts getting that aching feeling like tears are about to start spraying from my eyes, nose, and ears. I am repeating in my head ‘Chanel, don’t you dare start crying…you are a joke. This is a joke. Don’t cry, it’s okay, it’s okay. Oh look at the little boy who just tried to kiss his little girlfriend. CUTE HOW CUTE. Focus on that.’ Long story short, I left there escaping a catastrophe and I did not cry, but I am pretty sure they knew I was going to. Because I ran away like I just got a phone call my dog was ran over. Let me remind you, incase you forgot. I AM THE ADULT, this happened just a short few weeks ago. This didn’t happen in Kindergarten when I missed my Mommy. No this happened when I AM the mommy and my child could care less.

The moral and point of this story is, I was not feeling this way because they weren’t allowing my daughter to have her tablet, it wasn’t because I was mad at them for denying us. I was embarrassed. I felt like we had been breaking some rules the last few days, I felt ashamed or as if they knew this was bothersome but didn’t say anything and instead we annoyed them every time we brought the tablet in. I felt foolish for letting my daughter do something without asking permission. In that moment, I wished we would have just left the tablet at home from the beginning. All of THESE feelings were making me want to cry.

I carry an incredible amount of emotional weight, guilt, and responsibility with every situation I encounter. This causes me an enormous amount of emotional anxiety. I am here to tell you a few things but if you get anything out of this article, you are not alone. I am right here with you.

1.) Understand Your Triggers

As humans and adults, we know what triggers us and sets us off. We know physical triggers when the stove is hot we don’t touch it. We even are aware of second hand emotional triggers such as, if the baby is crawling put up the baby gate. That doesn’t even involve us, but we know emotionally it would hurt to see a baby get hurt. Did you know our emotional and physical pain are tied to the same mental releases. Mine would often be, crying and apologizing. You have to know these triggers before you begin and art form of reformation.

2.) Control

Understanding who and what has control in this world was and is my biggest saving grace. Who are you givning control to? If you give too much controls to the wrong people, you’re in trouble. I had to come to terms that I cannot control other people and what they think and how they act. If I could, I would be having everyone be being kind to each other, even if it was fake. I would have everyone go through their homes and find things they don’t need to give to shelters. I would have children be therapists. But, I can’t control that. I can control how make other people feel, what give to others, how react.

3.) Becoming SELF-ish

I use that word self-ish hyphenated and with a lot of reservation. Being sensitive and selfish do not go hand in hand. It is like oil and water. I felt so selfish for beginning to focus on myself and my emotional needs. But if I continued down the path of expending my energy on people who trigger me. It would become a cyclic destruction of my life and my well being. Listen, emotional needs are in my opinion, equally as valuable as needs like water and food. If we don’t have our physical needs met we lose weight, become malnourished, and then go crazy and die. Because if your brain doesn’t get the nutrients it needs it will fall off of it’s rocker. Your mental state is strictly derived from your emotional state. So you have to get your emotions understood, under control, and put energy into getting better for you. No really, if you can’t get to this step you will never get out of this emotional roller coaster. If you can get through each of these steps you will be enjoying the emotional coaster rather than dreading it. Because let’s face it, life has an ebb and flow that we cannot re-create, it is a part of something more than us. We just have to have the tools to accept and enjoy it. Learn to value how you’re feeling and honor it.

4.) Mantra

Once you have started focusing on yourself and loving who you are create a mantra. You don’t need to tell me, this is yours. I personally think it makes it more powerful if you’re the only one who knows it. Think of your deepest insecurity. Mine is, the fear of someone not liking me. And encompass that in your mantra. My mantra is, I am loved and a wonderful person who has a wonderful life. I am so thankful. It is quick but more than anything it is positive and grounding and something I can repeat when I am feeling like I am becoming emotionally overwhelmed. It can change depending on your setting. I know I have a few people that I HAVE to be around that cause me a lot of emotional stress. I will say something like I have a lot of people who love me and those are the people I am giving my energy to. or I cannot control others only myself.  Get a mantra (or a few) and when you feel that feeling in your gut where your nerves are flying around and your shaky and nervous repeat the best fit mantra. I know for me I sometimes have to take a potty break and go stare at myself in the mirror and repeat it. It helps I promise! Be wary of doing this in a public bathroom. 

5.) Energy

This is the last and final point and I left it to be last for a reason. It is so important. Whether you believe it or not, you have energy it is your inner thoughts, your outer thoughts, your emotional welfare, it is those personality traits you have had since you were 4 years old that just makes you who you are. It is all of those things and you have to know that your energy is VALUABLE. It is like un-see-able gold. Literally gold. If you put all of your energy into the negative people who make you feel like crap (most likely because they do), you have then expended all of that energy into them versus your wonderful husband and sweet children who think you are God’s gift to earth. I know for me when I become entranced into those people, I am easily agitated, I am absent from dinner conversations, because my mind and my heart and my energy are there with those people. That is not fair to those we love and it is not good for your emotional well being.

When you find yourself going to that dark place and your becoming consumed by negative thoughts and energy put out your hand and get your five fingers up and check in with your self.  1. Triggers 2. Control 3. Self 4. Mantra 5. Energy. Breath and conquer that shit!

Lastly, like I said, these are just things that helped me become a more balanced person emotionally and mentally. It well rounded me into a better mom and wife and I hope you know you’re not alone. Have a wonderful day my sweet, sensitive, happy, compassionate people that this world truly needs.



3 of the Easiest and Best Ways to help a Hangover 

I remember being in college and literally being able to drink a half gallon of Monarch with my 100 pound roommate in a weekend and then wake up go to the gym, go to class, and do it all over again. For 4 years, I’m still unsure if the that repulses me, or makes me proud. 

So here’s the thing. I still like to enjoy a few sometimes several, adult beverages on the weekends with my gal-pals. Here’s the other thing. I am getting old. I have two kids under 5. I still drink and beginning to master the art of being hungover after two miniature glasses of wine. 

That headache, puffy eyes, the tiredness, the acheiness, the stuffiness. You name it. A hangover. I’ve had it. But I think I’ve come up with some things that will help you, survive. 


You have a hang over because you need this one thing. Water. Drink at least 64 ounces throughout the next 4 hours. You have to get it back in your system. You have to balance your bodies water levels back. 90% of headaches are caused from dehydration. I seem to crave carbonation when I’m hung over. Drink sparkling water. Throw a lemon into the mix. Lemon is a great detoxing agent.

2. GET BALANCED…repeat

Eat a balanced meal. You can’t just go to McDonald’s and down a Big Mac and fries and expect that’s what your body needs. You’ll have a crappy food hang over on top of a great time last night hangover. You need balance back into your body. You just poisoned yourself. Fruit is full of antioxidants. Veggies are full of vitamins. And carbohydrates are full of well, carbs. But you need carbs, if anything at least for comfort. But really do it in balance. 

3. Oxygen

Get cho-ass outside. Oxygen is such a healing component to our bodies. We need oxygen and while yes we get it on from sitting on the couch while we binge watch FRIENDS, it is not the kind of H2O I’m talking about. Get out side and breath fresh air, a walk, read a book in the grass, take the kids to the park, walk the dogs, do something where you’re breathing in big deep lungs full of fresh air, get that oxygen. 

Anyway, I’m off to nurse this hammer head hangover from my sister-in-law’s birthday last night. Happy Sunday! 



5 Steps to THE Most Productive Morning. Ever.

Alarm Ring. Good Morning. Hello. Wake up. Get up. GET UP. fucccckkkkk. ok I’m up.

You know that feeling when your alarm clock goes off and your brain is instantly filled with every single excuse in the history to hit snooze. No like really, you suddenly remembered you jammed your pinkie in 5th grade and haven’t had it looked at yet, so today would be a good day to call in sick and have it looked at. Or maybe you’re like me and when your alarm clock goes off and you finally are able to relinquish in the silence of no kids crying or begging ‘feed me’. So explain to me why in the hell would I get up turn on the loudest piece of machinery in my house (the hairdryer of course) and interrupt this ‘calm and peaceful energy’ in my home I’ve been longing for. Why in the hell would I even move or breath at this point. You moms know what I am talking about.

My husband used to work nights and we would have these on-going arguments because I would come home from teaching all day long be by myself, cook dinner, leave the macaroni on the stove in the pan, dirty diaper on top of the trash, and be lucky if we all were even considered ‘nourished’ that night. He would then wake up the following morning (I would be gone at work) and he would be LIVID with me for leaving the kitchen and bathrooms a mess. (THE AUDACITY RIGHT!? No really, I would get hate texts of pictures of the sink full of dishes) I would tell him, “You do not understand. You have the mornings at home. It is so much easier to be productive in the morning. I am exhausted by the time I get home! I have no energy to do those things.” (Insert: middle finger scratching my nose)

Don’t worry this is one of those moments that came full circle. Because he is on day shift now and get’s home and finally after a week said to me, “I totally get it, I get home and I am done. I don’t want to do anything. You are right, it is totally different.” While, in my head I had pointing fingers and happy crying emoji’s dancing in my head. I just simply nodded my head. But then I got to thinking, Oh holy SHIT! IF WE ARE BOTH WIPED BY THE END OF THE DAY, how in the HELL is this place going to be livable and our children going to survive. We will be dead by the end of the month, at the latest. We had to change our routines and essentially our lives.

There was really only one answer, we had to make our mornings the most productive as possible. How?

Step 1.) It starts the night before.

I’m sorry, I had to be the one to say it. You have to prepare the night before if you want the most out of your morning. If you go to bed with a sink full of dishes it becomes 90% exponentially more likely that they won’t get done. Do them before you go to bed. This isn’t about the dishes. It is about waking up to a clear space and head in the morning. If you have a sink full of dishes and only 5 extra minutes in the morning, you already are pissed at yourself and your sink for not being a self-cleaning robot. Get your shit together the night before, fight through it with the end-goal of the morning in mind. Make your morning and space feel as incredible as your bed does to crawl into at night.

Step 2.) Organize and Prepare. (The night before).

I’m sorry again and this is the last and final step that has anything to do with the night-time. That time of day when you really don’t want to do crap. But you have to organize, getting your clothes laid out, your breakfast made, your kid’s lunches packed, the coffee prepped. Do all of that the night before, make it part of your evening routine. I know for me, If I try doing this in the morning, I am literally the devil. I am screaming and my 5-year-old she should have learned how to tie her shoes when she came out the womb. I hate having mornings like this. It is all because I wasn’t organized the night before. I become Betty freaking Crocker mixed with Oprah and a little bit of the Pope when I can just grab all those things and put them where they belong in a quick 5 minutes. No really I feel like my voice changes when I am having an organized morning, it turns into this sweet, soft, and playful voice. Like I literally change humans when I have this kind of morning. It’s actually kind of freaky now that I am saying it out loud.

Step 3.) Routine and Rituals

No, not like have a séance with incense, but have something you do that will register your brain that it is morning time and we like morning time. For me, I love Pinterest quote stalking in the morning. I love reading inspirational quotes that remind me I am strong, I am important, I am powerful, and I got this. I pin 3 quotes and then get up. WORKOUT for 30 minutes. I get in the shower. This helps me wake up, feel clean, feel good. Then I go downstairs and I do little chores, like wiping the counters, getting my coffee, watch the news. Pick one of those things and you have a ritual, something that makes your brain enjoy the morning. Maybe it’s checking social media, maybe it’s a shower, maybe it’s watching the news, maybe drinking coffee, listening to ZEN music. I don’t know, taking a crap! (I’ve heard people have discussions about their ‘morning poo’). Ew, but true!

Step 4.) Be Thankful.

But you have to train your brain to enjoy these things. If your brain is trained to loath the sound of your alarm, CHANGE YOUR ALARM RING TONE. Apple bedtime app, has the most incredible alarm tunes. EVER. You have to train your brain to be thankful you are awake and have this incredible home and family to wake up to. When you get in the shower find a way to be thankful and appreciative of the warm clean water on your back. Relinquish in these little things we call ”adulting”. When I work out in the morning, can I tell you the truth I used to HATE it, but I’ve growth to cherish that time and being physically able to do something that betters me. Train your brain to love the little things about your morning routine.

Step 5.) Don’t Stop. 

Once you have inserted some minor changes to your evening routine and have a clean space to wake up to. Once you have completed your prep the night before. You have adopted or maybe just brought light to some minimal routines and rituals and you have begun training your brain to find solitude and enjoyment in this time of day. Don’t stop. Let it become manifested in your brain that this is an incredibly powerful time of day that shouldn’t be slept through, complained about, ignored, or denied simply because we are tired at night.


Having good mornings changes our entire being, it changes the energy we expel towards our children, our colleagues, our spouses, and the stranger we will now smile at when we have to stop and get gas on our way to an early staff meeting. It is because, we are incredibly powerful. Every action we have as a reaction to later follow. It takes preparedness and motivation, but as we all know when we are learning how to read, you have to get the fundamental understanding of our language and letters before you can start putting words together. These steps are the fundamental beginnings to having and living a more productive and really, the best life you can life every day.

Have a wonderful day.



Worst, Best Mom…ever

It’s so sadly true. I am the world’s worst greatest mom. No, really I am. I’m contemplating, and by contemplating I mean heavily entertaining the idea of not having a 1st birthday party for my youngest daughter.(GASPS)

For two reasons:


1.) The amount of effort it takes to pull off a decent first birthday in the year 2017 that will be plastered on social media that is Pinterest picture worthy, is slightly exhausting.

2.) I’ve learned with my oldest daughter, she will not remember this. This birthday party would be more for us than her.

I hate that we live in a universe smothered with Pinterest moms. Do not think I hate you. I don’t. I have so much respect for you. I do because I honor you as women, and we need to be empowered. You’re inspiring. You’re cute, your pants fit your ass impeccably, your hair is shiny, your makeup is made up of YouTube tutorial dreams, and your house is a pottery barn sensation. I will say, I would be equally, if not more, as inspired to see your makeup-less Sunday night, messy house, Instagram photo as well. Just saying.

Social media overload has simply undermotivated me to throw a birthday party for my youngest kiddo. Why? It shouldn’t. You might say. But to you I say,  remember what we talked about, who is this birthday really for? She will not remember it. I will. The stress of running out of paper plates and having to use the ones that don’t match. Or when the Pinterest mom I’m trying to one-up, her kid comes in crying because he accidentally stepped in dog poop in our back yard. Or the excess toys that my child does not need that will sit in a playroom box that a child in a foster home would die for. It all stresses me out. I know it shouldn’t. I know. But…it does.

I have this hindsight; My parents could have celebrated my first birthday at the Dump Yard with a highchair they bought from Goodwill. And my outfit, a denim overall set that was a hand me down from Uncle Gary’s nephew’s son. My cake could have been made in a Crockpot with corn beef hash and honestly, it would not make a difference as to who I am today or the respect I have for my parents. And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a kick ass first birthday. 😉 Someone somewhere has probably turned that into a beyond adorable Pinterest theme. Ha

My oldest daughter at 5, still cries and gets anxiety over people singing Happy Birthday and opening presents in front of everyone. Unfortunately, Red Robin free ice cream and singing waiters and waitresses is a no go for her and most likely will be for daughter #2.

I do believe, as children hit “school age” birthday parties become more for and about them and what they enjoy. Not for us, as women to play this silent secrecy game of how Pinteresty can I get so I can out do North West Kardashian’s 2nd birthday party so all my middle class friends and mother-in-law respect me just a little bit more. School age, that is when the energy, time and money becomes worth it. Getting to see them play with friends and family at their favorite bowling alley or arcade. Tirelessly and carelessly playing until they literally fall asleep standing up picking their nose eating a disgusting amount of sugar. That’s what birthday parties are for. Aren’t they? Or am I aging myself? Those are the ones I remember. The ones that gave me that quintessential idea of what a childhood birthday party was. Any more it’s a gluten free dirt cake with salt free peanuts as dessert.

But you see at the ripe age of 1, I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter (heck, both my daughters at 1) enjoys eating, pooping, sleeping and the art of flood-like soaking the floors, walls, and ceiling during bath time. How do you throw a party around that!? World’s worst greatest party perhaps? We might be onto something, you guys!

I went all out for daughter #1 in doing so, I learned a lesson. I don’t think I want to do that for daughter #2. She’s equally as special and beyond worth celebrating but I feel like effortlessly snuggling in yoga pants and watching her splat her green beans all over our messy house and chasing the family dog around the kitchen all with a very casual and informal no-strings-attached invite to closest family and friends, will do just that for me, our family, and above anything else, her.

Share your low-key birthday or super fancy Kim K. birthday party experiences below!

Xoxo, Chanel

The “What-If” Game.

Have you ever done something you knew you were more than likely to not complete. A fad? A craze? A detox diet? A kick-ass workout routine? Or even buying a gym membership and knowing it’s not going to last. Like you quit before you even really started…or you started, knowing you were going to quit. Well, me too.

I am a great starter, not a good finisher. My motivation for most things quickly fades like a child who opens that toy they’ve been dying for all year, plays with it for 20 minutes for it to never to be touched again. That was me. That is me. Still, with practically everything I do.

I have started a new attempt in beginning things with an end goal of  completion. With one simple phrase “what if I just did it…”. Literally the lowest form of expectations possible, what if. It has truly given me a new perspective and desire to follow through with so many things in my life. Except my laundry. That is a whole other beast. I may possibly need intensive one-on-one counseling for that. 

The next time you feel like quitting or making 5 million excuses to excuse yourself-from your workout or your diet or your chores or being a mom. Try the SIMPLE self talk of “what would happen if I just —–today.” Not “what if I finish and do this whole thing, I’m going to do it, I’m going to complete all of my 80 house chores, I’m going to have a six pack, my cars going to be detailed and both of my toddlers are going to be playing Mozart and reading Harry Potter by the end of tonight!” NOOOOO. Please god don’t say that to yourself. We set our expectations too high, almost in an attempt to fail first because we simply already know we will. It’s a silent life-sucking cycle.

Go small. Pick something minimal let’s say a 30 minute workout. And ask yourself when you’re feeling meh about it “what if I just worked out for a half hour…what would happen?” Then do it and see what happens. You’ll feel freaking amazing that’s what will happen. At minimum maybe it wasn’t the greatest workout and your kids were interrupting by crawling under your plank and throwing tv remote at the dog. But at MINIMUM you completed a task, and that feels awesome.

And don’t play the what if game next until you’re done with the task at hand.

These tiny triumphs, small wins, will help your success feel huge and will snow ball into a more productive, well rounded, laundry hoarding, human being. Like myself! Let me know what you do to keep motivated in the comments below.

My Mission

My mission is to help spread the love of life and ways to be well, more life-ful? Essentially ways to be full of life. I hope to accomplish this through my writing, photography, beauty trends, health trends, mom trends, teacher trends and my ridiculous obsession with self-help book reviews. I think life is what we make it, we all get into slumps, we all have depressing days, AMAZING days, arguments, laughter, life has an ebb and flow. At times this ebb and flow, it hardens us and at other times it humbles us. This is that place to vent, invent, restore, store and explore all the in between with plain little-ol’me!

I want this to be a place where you can come and share your amazing life facts and feats to help me and others become better versions of ourselves. A place to go when life just effing-sucks to find tips or tricks and at least, a little tiny chuckle that might lift you up, just a smidgen.

I want this to be a place to go where you leave feeling like – wow, okay I am not the only one. Or even, -shoot, she tried that and it worked. Or more than likely, what the hell is she thinking? That would never work for me. I want to be that person for you. This is a life-style blog that is definitely not- how to live your life or style your life or how to perfect it. MOST defintiely, not oh look how great my life is so you should be me! But more or less a normal person you can follow and lead along side with, who really found a love for trying and attempting new trends, new life skills, new tactics to live a fuller life. And maybe just maybe, make your day better. Just a smidgen! 😉